Where Am I?

Welcome to Glutton For Hope! If you don't know me personally, perhaps you'd like to learn a bit about me and the ideas behind this blog...

Who Are You?

I’m Carol, a native and current resident of Dallas, Texas. I’m married to J., a man who is not perfect but who is perfect for me. I knew from a young age that I did not want children of my own, so J. and I do not intend to have kids together. We have been adopted by three demons…er…cats, and our lives are devoted to fulfilling their every wish.

I’m a redhead, and I intend to be one until I die. I’m passionate, strongly opinionated, honest, and fierce. If someone asks what I think, I will tell them, even if it’s not pretty. Tact is a necessary evil and should not be overused. I have an exceedingly dry sense of humor, and if you don’t understand sarcasm, we’re not going to get along. I am deeply interested in people, but I like very few of them. Patience is not a virtue I was given or desire to have; if you can’t keep up, get the hell out of the way! I have a temper but get better at controlling it as I get older. I’m more likely to defend the people I love than myself. I was born in 1976 but wish I’d been born in 1950 (so I could experience the late 60’s) or 1540 (so I could serve at the court of Elizabeth I).

What Are Your Philosophies?

On religion: I believe; I don’t affiliate.

On politics: If you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain about who’s in office. I am liberal but I vote my conscience, not a party line. Voting a straight ticket is lazy and irresponsible.

On Life:

You can never have too many books. Or too many pets.

Live and let live. Give your own life more attention than you pay to everyone else’s.

Work to live; don’t live to work.

Your family is made up of the people who love you unconditionally. You may or may not be related to these people by blood.

There is very little that a good meal won’t cure.

Dogs are better than people.

Everyone deserves a second chance; very few people deserve a third.

Follow the Golden Rule. Perform random acts of kindness. Pay it forward. Always give more than you take.

Money and material things matter very little.

Wear out the words “I love you.” If you feel it, say it. You may not get another opportunity.

Why Do You Write?

I’ve been a voracious reader since the age of 2 ½. From the time I could write, I did: stories, journals, plays, letters to as many pen-pals as would write back, etc. My middle school English teacher was a constant source of encouragement, but shortly after I graduated high school, my writing stopped. I occasionally thought of starting a journal, but it never stuck. By 2009, I’d been following several blogs for a while, and one day it occurred to me to begin writing my own.

The original URL for this blog was idontneedangermanagement.blogspot.com. Only J. knew I was writing a blog, and it contained no identifiable references to who I am. I wrote what I thought, and I was brutally frank – even for me. New posts to the blog were sporadic until October 2010, when I began to devote more time to writing. By March 2011, I realized that the tone of my posts had changed. My life had changed, and I felt that the blog should follow suit, so I moved to gluttonforhope.blogspot.com. I still write rants, but they are not the primary topic of this blog. And I'm slowly beginning to share the blog with people I know. I have no desire to develop a large following; ultimately, I write this blog for me. It is the way I document my feelings, opinions, and thoughts. It is the way I preserve who I am at this moment.