Thursday, August 8, 2013

Good Grief!

I can't believe it's been SIX MONTHS since I posted here! I suppose I should begin where I left off...
After much stress and many long days of waiting, I got the job for which I was hoping. It meant staying on at the properties where I'd been for 18 months, but moving to the company that purchased the buildings. So, in essence: new employer, new coworkers, same job.  It has worked out well. I adore my coworkers. I feel valued and challenged every day. I am happy in my work.
We are still living with mom, and that is still going well. There are minor irritations, but we don't argue, and for the most part, it's nice to live together as a family.
J. is finishing up his Associates degree, and will be transferring to a local university for the spring semester. It's hard to believe that he's been in school almost three full calendar years! It's likely to take him three more years to complete his Bachelors degree, but that's fine with me. Our routine works well, and I think we're both happier and more at peace than we were for many, many years.
Life is good. I'm taking next week off of work, and J. and I are *finally* taking our first vacation together. It's been nine years - yes, I said nine YEARS - since I went on a proper vacation. And it's been seven years since I took a straight week off of work. We're just going to Galveston Island, a five-hour drive from home, and we'll only be gone for four days, but I am beyond excited about it. We have several activities planned, but I left lots of time open to just be lazy at the beach or the pool. I'm looking forward to getting quite a bit of reading done.
The past few days I've been stressing a little about the trip, thinking something is going to go wrong. I'm afraid I'm going to forget to take something important with us. I'm afraid the car is going to break down. I'm afraid that it'll rain the whole time we're there.
Then I decided this: if you're stressing about your vacation, you're doing it wrong.
Yes, something might happen. Something unexpected, even something bad. But there's no sense in borrowing trouble. What will be, will be, and we'll deal with it as it happens. Regardless of what happens during those four days, J. and I will have taken our very first trip together, and that will be something we can look back on for the rest of our lives.
As much as I love my job, I'm counting down the hours: 26 hours and 15 minutes till my vacation begins!


RoseAnn said...

I know you will have a fantastic time on vacation! I can't wait to hear all about it!

I always worry about forgetting something but it's the rare item that they don't sell where you're going or that you can't live without. ;)

Anonymous said...

Is this blog dead?

Carol said...

Not dead; more like dormant. Hoping to focus more on writing in 2014.

Anonymous said...

Still in hibernation?