Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Sometimes the universe gives you an attitude adjustment and it's a good thing, like the time I was in a nasty mood for no good reason, and then saw a three-legged dog running and playing and enjoying life. It's kinda hard to keep up a funk after you see that.
Other times, the universe gives you a smackdown that says, "Whoa, there, you've gotten a little big for your britches!" That's what I got today.
I had a meeting for a committee on which I participate, and M. was there. She mentioned that H. is hesitant to talk to me about the job because she doesn't want it to appear that she's trying to steal employees from my current company (there's a reason for this, but it's too convoluted to explain here). M. told H. that I'm actively looking for an Assistant Property Manager position, because I've been told that I'm not likely to see a promotion from my current company anytime soon. So the ball is in H.'s court.
I have no idea what she'll decide, but this definitely ended the barely-contained-excitement I've been living with since Friday. I knew it was a mistake to let myself get so excited about a job for which I didn't even have an interview yet, but I couldn't help myself. The potential good that could come from that job was just too huge!
Sigh. I believe that what is meant to be, will be, so I need to just sit back and relax and let the universe do its thing. I need to trust that the right opportunity for me will come along, if I make myself available for it. If this job doesn't work out, I'll just continue putting out feelers and the right job will be there, eventually.
It sucks, though. I feel almost like I'm physically stinging from the disappointment. I know it will pass with time, and that I'll probably feel a lot better tomorrow, but right this minute it sucks. It helps to remember the three-legged dog, though.

Going Up!

I fell into property management completely by accident. When J. and I first moved back to Dallas, I had the worst job ever. I quit the day my blood pressure was 172/152, even though I didn't have a backup plan. The next day, I went to a temp agency and was placed with my current company. After three months, I was hired on as a permanent employee and have been here a little over two years now. I love it. Property management is a perfect fit for both my personality and my skill set, and I have been so happy working for four different, amazing property managers.
This industry is very fluid, and things are always, ALWAYS changing. My current boss has been talking for the past year about wanting to see me get promoted to an Assistant Property Manager, but we just don't have the portfolio to support it. Plus, it would be a lot of additional responsibility for not that much extra money. So as much as I feel ready to get promoted, and would like to have the new title, I haven't pushed it.
Last Friday, I had dinner with M., who was my first boss (when I was a temp). She is the one who initially saw how good I am in this business and who encouraged me to apply for a permanent position. M. has since moved on to a different company, one that is large and currently expanding (so there's lots of room for growth). They have an Assistant Property Manager position available, and M. asked me to apply for it.
Here's what I know: I have completed the company's online application. M. will be passing my resume to her boss, H., on Thursday (H. is out of the office until then). M. wants me for the position, but it will be up to H. to actually make the decision. They are in desperate need of help, so they're looking to hire quickly. It would be a promotion for me, one for which I'm well-prepared and ready. And it could potentially be a VERY significant increase in salary. Plus, because of the way M.'s company is structured, it would not be as much responsibility as the same position is at my current company. H. is a great teacher, and loves to take younger people under her wing and "bring them up" in the industry. She is supportive of her employees and wants to see them grow and advance.
I am beyond excited about this opportunity, so much so that it scares me. I feel so absolutely certain that this is meant to be my next step, and I'm worried that I'm going to be incredibly disappointed if things don't work out. I'm trying not to think too much about how good this could be for me and J. The increase in salary, if it is what I expect it to be, would allow us to *finally* leverage ourselves into a comfortable financial position over the next year, and then would allow us to raise our standard of living a little. I can't explain how nice that would be, for both of us, and how much I want that.
But money isn't the only reason I want this job. I want it, first and foremost, because it's what I've spent the last two years working towards. I've earned it, and I'm ready for the challenges that will come with this new position. I'm starting to stagnate in my current job; I'm going to get bored if I stay here much longer, and that's not good for me or for my company. I don't want to be that kind of employee. Also, I want the title. I hate when someone asks me what I do for my company and I have to say I'm an Administrative Assistant. That's my title, but it doesn't even begin to explain what I actually do here. I function as an Assistant Property Manager; I should get to have the title! Another reason I want the new job is that I've never been promoted. I've always made (essentially) lateral moves, changing from one industry to another. Finally, I've found my niche, and it's time to get some upward movement going! I don't know if I'll ever want to be a property manager, because I just don't know if I want the responsibility. Plus, one of my greatest strengths is in supporting others. By becoming an Assistant Property Manager, I can use that trait but still be in a position more suited to where I am in my life.
I'm assuming that since H. has been out of the office all week, I won't be able to set up an interview until at least next week. Until then, I'm sitting on the edge of my seat, trying not to think about it, while it's all I can think about.