Monday, November 12, 2012

Days 9-12

Whoops, I got a little behind. Let's catch up, shall we?

DAY 9 - I'm thankful for my job. I may not make as much money as some, but I have a great boss from whom I'm learning a lot, and my coworkers are wonderful. I'm thankful for the career I've had so far, for the opportunities I've been granted, and for the (hopefully) happy endeavor I will undertake in the new year.

DAY 10 - Some are busy, some are quiet; they're all far too short. I'm so thankful for weekends!

DAY 11 - I'm thankful for all the men and women (and canines) who have served our country. It is an honor to know some of them, and it is a blessing to go to sleep each night knowing our interests are protected by so many I will never meet.

DAY 12 - I know this will surprise some of you, but I'm not always perfect. Today I'm thankful for forgiveness. Forgiving someone who has wronged me feels good to both of us, and I believe it is good for my well-being. Hatred and bitterness only hurt the one who feels them, and what's the point of that? Better to forgive and move on. Receiving forgiveness, whether the betrayal was large or small, intentional or accidental, apologized for or not, is the greatest gift one can receive. I'm thankful to have been humbled enough to know when to ask for forgiveness, and I'm grateful to all those who have granted it.

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