Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's a Weird One, Charlie Brown

Today is a weird day.

My cravings are better, but I still *reeeeeeeeally* want a cigarette.

J. is having a meltdown because the cable is out in our bedroom and office. I think the boxes just need to be reset, but he's convinced that our service has been disconnected, even though the living room tv is working just fine. Sigh. I'll deal with that when I get home, I guess.

I want to figure out when The Great Pumpkin is going to be on tv, but I always forget to look. Last year, I missed it altogether, and it's my favorite Charlie Brown movie!

Someone just turned in a $100 bill that was dropped in the hallway right outside our office. If no one claims it by end of day tomorrow, I'm going to split it with my coworker. I'm crossing my fingers that no one claims it, but also hoping that whoever dropped it won't be too devastated by the loss of $100.

I still really want a cigarette.


Is it time to go home yet?

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