Saturday, May 26, 2012

Falling Together

Marisa de los Santos has become one of my favorite authors. I loved her first two books, Love Walked In and Belong To Me, and I eagerly awaited her new book, Falling Together. I was not disappointed. I think part of the reason I love this author so much is because her background is in poetry, and she has a way of phrasing things that really hits home with me. Below are some quotes I pulled from Falling Together. These lines each struck a chord deep within me, so I wanted to share them.

" matter what happens, loving someone to the best of your ability is exactly the right thing to do. It's the only thing to do."

"You must stop measuring - over and over - the line between loving and being in love."

"...sometimes there is nothing to do but surrender yourself to wonder."

This is my favorite passage from the book:

"And I'm not just talking about love. I mean any kind of love. You don't mess around. You don't walk away. You can't."

"Can't. Can't is hardcore."

"It's what we're here for," explained Pen. "It's what we're for."

I believe this with all my heart: love is the purpose of our lives. Some people live that in a big way, giving their lives over to charity and serving others. And some people don't live it at all; instead they search for meaning in titles, money, and material things. But the people who get the most out of their lives are those who love deliberately, who choose to love their spouse, children, families, and/or friends completely and unconditionally.

I never wanted to be famous. I don't need to have an important job title or make a lot of money or have the whole world know my name. I believe that my purpose is to be J.'s wife, and to love him with all that I am, for the rest of my life. That is the meaning of *my* life, and I can't imagine any greater purpose.

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