Saturday, March 17, 2012

Stolen From RoseAnn

1. What are you looking forward to this summer?

~ Nothing specific, but I hope that J. and I will get out and experience some of the things that Dallas has to offer during the summer.

2. How many times have you been in love?

~ Four: my high school boyfriend, M.M. - my first adult boyfriend, R.S. - my first husband, R.J. - and, of course, J.

3. What's your favorite thing to cook?

~ I love to cook lots of things, and I love to bake, but my favorite is probably lasagna. J. loves my lasagna so much, and since I show love with food, it makes me really happy to see him enjoy it!

4. How often do you exercise?

~ Unless you count walking up one flight of stairs in the parking garage at work, never. I need to improve on that.

5. Are you happy?

~ Very. More than that, I'm content - not complacent, but just extremely happy with where I am, and where J. and I are together, right now.

6. What are five of your hobbies?

~ Reading, watching tv/movies, playing online, writing this blog, and spending time with friends

7. What's your favorite current tv show?

~ I love "Modern Family."

8. Name one of your random dream dates.

~ I really want J. and I to take a tropical vacation someday - that would be an extended dream date!

9. Do you play any mobile/computer/video games? Favorites?

~ No, I'm not into games.

10. How often do you deprive yourself of something?

~ Very, very rarely. See #4.

11. What is your favorite way to relax?

~ Talking with J.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Happy Hour

From Mental Floss: "Every Friday, I post a series of unrelated questions meant to spark conversation in the comments. Answer one, answer all, respond to someone else's reply, whatever you want. On to this week's topics of discussion..."

Looking back at your resume, what job experience do you think would make the best book?

From December 2007 to June 2008, I worked for an outsourcing company answering customer service phone calls for AmEx. The things I heard on those phone calls would make a pretty entertaining book! One example: the guy who told me that he needed to cancel his card because it had been stolen by the Peruvian prostitute with whom he'd spent the evening before. Really, man - you could've just said you lost it while traveling!!!

How would you improve the grocery store experience?

I'd require all grocery stores to stock their shelves in the same order. They wouldn't have to carry exactly the same brands/products, but if bread is on aisle 1, then it's on aisle 1 in every store. And if peanut butter goes next to coffee, then it's the same in every store. (Can you tell I hate not being able to find things in the grocery store?)

What’s one book you think every student should read before graduating?

The novel We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver has been on my mind lately. I was able to snag it for a quarter for the Kindle last week, which has made me want to re-read it very soon.

This book is slow at first, but amazingly powerful. I think it should be a must-read before a person decides whether or not to have children. While I understand that it is a novel, and that the outcome presented is only one of an infinite number of possible outcomes, the unfolding story of this family is one that every potential parent should witness.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Monkey's Horoscope

Inspired by this post on the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee blog, I looked at Monkey's horoscope today. It says: "Go exploring today -- preferably with a friend. You can make the time if you try."

First of all, Monkey has plenty of time. No matter how I encourage, nag, or yell, none of these cats will find gainful employment. So I keep them in food and toys, while I try to figure out my reward. But I've gotten off topic...

Monkey and Bo spend the majority of their day here:

They're sitting on a shelf in our bathroom window. We're on the second floor, and this window looks down on a (mostly) quiet courtyard with a large tree. Sitting here, they can watch the birds and squirrels. Occasionally, squirrels get on our balcony or on the outer windowsill, which really drives Monkey crazy. His body starts to twitch, and he makes tense little noises in his throat. It's very, very cute.

He will occasionally run from his perch in the window to the back door, which opens onto a balcony with stairs going down into the courtyard. Today, he began running to the door and trying to turn the doorknob with his paws.

I'm pretty sure that damn cat can read.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Happy Hour

From Mental Floss: "Every Friday, I post a series of unrelated questions meant to spark conversation in the comments. Answer one, answer all, respond to someone else's reply, whatever you want. On to this week's topics of discussion..."

When someone asks if you’ve read a book, and you’ve actually listened to the audiobook version, do you point that out when answering?

~ I don’t listen to audiobooks, so no. But if I did, and someone asked, “Did you read X?” I would probably answer, “I listened to it.”

Tomorrow is Middle Name Pride Day. If you could re-middle-name yourself, what new name would you choose?

~ This is easy, since I *did* re-middle-name myself. I was born Carol Elaine D---. When I married the first time, I dropped Elaine, and legally changed my middle name to my maiden name. Now that J. and I are married, my maiden name is my legal middle name, and my last name matches J’s.

You have to install a coin-operated arcade game wherever you are right now. For that specific spot, what game would be the most successful?

~ I’m at home, and since this was/is J’s favorite arcade game, I’ll say Super Mario Bros. He just told me that if we had that game and an Addams Family pinball machine, he’d be playing one or the other right now.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

February 2012 Book List

Everyone knows I’m a voracious reader, and I’m often asked for recommendations. I decided that on or around the first of each month, I’ll post a list of the books I read the month before. I give each book a numeric rating, from 1 to 5, with 5 being excellent. I do not generally rate non-fiction works; those will be shown with a rating of N/A.

The Crazy Old Lady in the Attic by Kathleen Valentine (novella) - Rating: 3

Freaks by Tess Gerritsen (Kindle single) - Rating: 3

Almost Perfect: the True Story of the Crawford Family Murders by Greg Fogarty - Rating: N/A

The Five Love Languages: the Secret to Love that Lasts by Gary Chapman - Rating: N/A

Mile 81 by Stephen King (Kindle single) - Rating: 3

Are You Lonesome Tonight? by Mishka Shubaly (Kindle single ) - Rating: 4