Thursday, February 2, 2012

Girl Crush

I have a huge girl-crush on Kelle Hampton. She writes a blog called Enjoying the Small Things, and I wait anxiously for each new post. She's obviously very different from me: she's a SAHM with two daughters. She lives in Florida (a state I've never set foot in). But the way she thinks, and writes, and the kind of mom she is to her girls - that's what I aspire to (or would, if I intended to have kids). I want to meet her. I want to be her friend.

Kelle's photographs are amazing, and it always surprises me how seeing photos of her girls can make me happy. I'm not a kid person, but Nella's huge, cheeseball smiles never fail to make me smile. And Kelle has a way of saying things that makes me think, "Yes! That's the feeling I've been trying to put into words!!!"

Yesterday, she did it better than ever. Here's a quote: "...Because if there's one thing I have a problem with, it's joy-suckers. Don't suck my joy. Don't suck someone else's joy. You think I don't know what's ahead?"

The only way to do justice is to share Kelle's post with you. Please, enjoy Joan of Arc on Enjoying the Small Things.

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RoseAnn said...

Thanks for the link, Carol! I needed that reminder today. And if she posts pics of beach sunset photos even semi-regularly, I may be hooked on her blog, too! ;)