Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Happy Hour

From Mental Floss: "Every Friday, I post a series of unrelated questions meant to spark conversation in the comments. Answer one, answer all, respond to someone else's reply, whatever you want. On to this week's topics of discussion..."

(Now that I actually have followers of my blog, I’d love to see your responses in the comments here. Tell me what you think, friends!)

What was your favorite magazine as a kid?

~ I *loved* Cricket magazine. Thanks to my grandparents, I had a subscription for many years. I can remember at one point having a stack of issues in my closet about three feet tall! In high school, I read Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and Games. Today, I subscribe to Redbook, Glamour, Everyday with Rachael Ray, O: the Oprah Magazine, Smithsonian, and Discover. What can I say? I love magazines!

Do you have a (true) story about scattering a person’s ashes somewhere special?

~ No, but I intend to be cremated and to have my ashes scattered in a very special place. Where that very special place is, I haven’t decided yet.

What historical pairings would you like to read more about?

~ I wish I knew more about Socrates and Plato, and about Plato and Aristotle.

What’s the silliest thing that scares your pet?

~ Oh, my sweet Monkey is scared of *everything.* Let’s see…plastic grocery sacks, people, his kitty sisters, dry cleaning bags, paper sacks, newspapers…I think I’ll stop there, lest I embarrass the boy.


Erin said...

Favorite magazine: I remember loving Highlights and American Girl magazines. And then later Seventeen, Teen Vogue and CosmoGirl. Now I read Cosmopolitan, Everyday with Rachel Ray, Better Homes and Gardens and Southern Living. I love love magazines

Historical pairings : i love reading about Henry VIII and his 6 wives. I also like reading about Marie Antoinette and her husband. European aristocracy is very interesting to me in general.

Pets: I don't have my own pet, but my dog nephew is scared of everything! His leash, people, other dogs, cats, his shadow, anything that makes a noise, my hamster... haha the list goes on

Carol said...

Erin - if you love stories about Tudor England, you should read Philippa Gregory's series. They are amazing books!

RoseAnn said...

Favorite magazine: As a kid, as soon as I could read, I'd skim the Reader's Digest for the funny columns. Often my mom had to explain them to me but gradually that was no longer the case.

As an adult, I subscribe to Good Housekeeping and Reader's Digest and I still look forward to the humor columns!

Ashes: I have never been a part of scattering someone's ashes. I have also requested that I be cremated and I know where I want my ashes scattered but it seems somehow uncouth to just blurt it out on the internet. ;)

Hmm...can't think of a historical pairing I'm particularly curious about.

Silly pet fears: Rio is very defensive about cars driving past our backyard. We've joked that if we lived in the country on unfenced property, she would most certainly be a 3-legged dog from chasing cars.