Thursday, January 26, 2012

MiA seems that I have wandered away from my own blog again. Not all that surprising, when you consider the ease with which I get distracted, but it still makes me sad. I want to write! This blog is an outlet for me, and I often want to put up a new post but just can't decide what to write about.

A while back I bought a book of exercises for training your brain to write. I may do some of those and post the results here. I'm also going to start writing in a journal again, and I may translate some of those musings into posts. And I've got some other ideas to jump-start my writing, including working with some of my favorite quotes.

I don't want the few followers I have to give up on me. Not that I have anything especially important to say, but I like knowing that when I put up a new post, one (or more) of my friends might read it. If you have suggestions for me, I'm all ears. I hope you'll stay tuned...I'll try to give you something soon.


RoseAnn said...

What about "A Year in the Life" your recollections of a certain year from your childhood. The good, the bad, the ugly.

Can't promise I would reciprocate on my blog; that outlet just isn't appealing to me lately but I'd share my own musings back, if you wanted. ;)

Carol said...

I really, really like that idea. I've been writing in my journal, so I may test it out there and see how it goes.

Would love to hear yours back, if you decide you want to share. :)