Wednesday, November 23, 2011

(Not So) Thankful

In this season of Thanksgiving, it is important to recognize and acknowledge our blessings. I have so much to be thankful for:

The most perfect husband (for me) in the entire world.

A family that cares for each other, whether or not we agree on a particular topic.

In-laws - and an extended, by-marriage family - who love me as if I were born to them.

Wonderful friends who truly understand me, laugh with me, hold me up when life beats me down, and *always* know an out-of-the way spot to hide the body.

A job that suits me and makes me happy, even when it makes my brain hurt.

Three precious kitties that never fail to make me laugh.

But let’s be honest: it’s not always fun to be thankful. And I’m all about fun, and about finding joy in life. So here are a few things I’m *not* thankful for:

J.’s classes this semester. His professors are inept, snotty, and unfair, and they are destroying his desire to be in school.

Commercials which are three times louder than the television show.

The obvious conspiracy among publishers to keep me buried in books I want to read (ok, maybe that’s something to be thankful for, too)

Reality tv

Big business

The beyond-crazy holiday shopping season, and the rude behavior that will inevitably come with it.

Well…I could keep going, but this week really is about thanksgiving. One more thing I’m thankful for: the internet, which has opened up so many doors and given me greater access to friends and a platform to share my thoughts.

Thanks for reading along.

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