Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What a Nightmare!!!

Life has been crazy lately - way crazier than I'm comfortable with. The transition at work has been chaotic, to say the least. J. lost eligibility for financial aid 9 days before the fall semester started. The earliest he'll be eligible for more aid is spring 2013. So that was a major stressor. My grandmother was hospitalized, and I was very afraid we might lose her. She's home now and is doing better, but she's almost 91; reality is setting in that we don't have much more time with her. And then there was this past weekend. I've told the story so many times this week, and I simply don't have the energy to write it into a narrative again. Here's the very concise version of what happened:

Sunday, mid-morning: our cable signal cuts off

We contact the cable provider, who says the signal is fine on their end

J. goes around our house (a four-unit rental) to check the lines

Our cable line is cut (not disconnected - cut). A brand-new coaxial cable runs from the port we had been using into the unit behind us.

We contact our landlord's representative via text message. (Our actual landlord lives in Trinidad.) No response.

J. reconnects our line as best he can. We get a partial signal back, enough to manage until Thursday, the earliest time our cable provider has an appointment available.

Ten minutes later, our signal goes out again.

J. goes around back again, where he catches our neighbor (of less than 2 weeks) and his friend unhooking our cable and hooking in their line in again.

A discussion and then confrontation ensues. Because of the tone of the argument, I call 911.

I call landlord's representative. No answer.

J. call's landlord's representative. No answer. J. leaves angry (but not abusive) voice mail.

Four patrol cars arrive in quick succession. Police find drugs, a shotgun, and two handguns (at least one of them stolen) in the cable-cutter's apartment.

90 minutes later, landlord's representative (LR) calls J. back on his cell phone. Neither J. nor I are home at this time, nor are we together. When J. says "Hello," LR is instantly screaming obscenities, calling both J. and I names, and threatening us physically. LR says that we have to be out of our apartment by the end of the day.

Since we have a lease and are not in violation of it, we tell him to go fuck himself. He threatens us both again, says that he will do whatever is necessary to get us out of our home, and says that he is encouraging the cable-cutter to file criminal charges against J. for threatening him with a knife (even though J. did not have a knife or any other weapon when the confrontation happened, and even though the cable-cutter didn't mention a weapon when the police were on-scene).

As you can imagine, Sunday night was bad. We got very little sleep, and my stress level was so high that I couldn't even keep water down.

When we originally rented this place, we had a different landlord, but he sold the property in December 2010. We called him Sunday night, and he said he had some units available. I called in sick to work on Monday, and we met with our former landlord. We rented the first apartment he showed us, and are moving next Friday.

Our current landlord has been notified of all that happened, and we've asked him to voluntarily terminate our lease. He hasn't given us an answer yet, but we'll move regardless. We simply don't feel safe here anymore. And it certainly doesn't feel like a home anymore. If he refuses to terminate our lease, we'll let him begin eviction proceedings when we don't pay our October rent, and we'll see what the judge has to say about all this.

With all this craziness, we're excited about the new place. It is 33% larger than this apartment, and it's laid out better, so it feels much larger. It has room for both our stand-up freezer and a washer/dryer, so we will be able to have both down the line. It has wonderful windows for the cats, and much better storage space. It has the biggest kitchen of anywhere we've ever lived, and I get to have a real pantry again!!!

Of course, there are some downsides. The new apartment has carpet (we prefer wood floors). It doesn't have a dishwasher (very common for this area), but we've lived without a dishwasher before. And it's upstairs.

The pros outweigh the cons by a lot, so we're happy overall. But it's going to be a stressful - and expensive - couple of weeks. I've really had about all I can handle of both stress and extra expenses. I'm trying to just take it day by day, but I'm concerned that if life doesn't give me a break soon, I'm going to have to up my dosage on my meds. I only wish I was joking.

Sigh...we'll get through this...we always do.


RoseAnn said...

{{{Hugs}}} I am really curious for an update when you hear from your landlord about this situation. It almost sounds like the representative has some connection to the new tenants. Why else would they attack you and J without cause and defend the new tenant?

I can't imagine that you'd have a tough time getting out of your lease based on what you describe.

I know it's tough, especially with all you have going on, but try to focus on the positives of the new place.

And book yourself a massage/pedicure/you's well deserved!

Carol said...

Thanks, RoseAnn - as always, your kind words are a comfort. We signed our new lease today, and got to see the new apartment again. It will need some work. The buildings went up in the 40's, and our landlord - while a good man and good landlord - is not overly generous when fixing up his properties. Still, there are lots of good things about the new place, and the work will be fairly easy to accomplish over time.