Thursday, August 4, 2011

100 Things...

This is my 100th post. In honor of that milestone, I wanted to write a list of 100 things that make me happy. This was *much* harder than I expected; it has taken me weeks to put it together.

Here's the list (in no particular order):

01. Having a BFF who has known me forever.
02. The first page of a new, eagerly anticipated book
03. "Then" by Brad Paisley
04. Crossing the last thing off a to-do list
05. Happy hour margaritas on a patio on a beautiful, early-spring afternoon
06. Finding the perfect card or gift for a loved one
07. The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee
08. The beginning of the Christmas season
09. Seeing a formerly close friend and realizing the inside jokes are still funny
10. Trying a new recipe and having it come out perfectly
11. Receiving mail that isn't bills
12. Dallas Farmers Market
13. Baseball
14. Scrapbooking
15. Independent book stores
16. Crate & Barrel
17. Finding that a friend shares an uncommon opinion with me
18. Online friendships
19. When J. makes a joke that makes me laugh so hard I cry and my stomach hurts
20. "History in the Making" by Darius Rucker
21. Loving and being loved in return
22. Being silly
23. The fact that J. only takes off his wedding ring in the shower
24. Making a friend smile
25. "Modern Family" on ABC
26. Giving the stink-eye to snooty bitches
27. The first day with a hint of cool air in the breeze after a long, miserable Texas summer
28. British comedy (especially Eddie Izzard and all things Monty Python)
29. Weddings
30. Sitting on Santa's lap
31. Weekend marathons of tv shows I love, containing episodes I've never seen
32. Really good, really bad movies
33. Chocolate-chip cookies fresh from the oven
34. Getting to payday with money left in the bank
35. The realization that my fingernails are shaped just like my grandmother's
36. Naps
37. Puppy kisses
38. Baskin-Robbins ice cream
39. Coming home to J. every night
40. Receiving a compliment on my work from a customer/client/tenant
41. Whole Foods Market
42. Exploring my feelings while writing posts for my blog
43. Wearing my wedding dress to work
44. Floating in my in-laws' pool on a gorgeous summer afternoon
45. Slow, steady, cool rain on a day when I can stay home and curl up with a book
46. Breakfast at Original Pancake House
47. Getting a new handbag
48. Days when my boss says, "We're closing early today," for no good reason
49. Being accepted into the family 100% by my in-laws
50. A compliment from a stranger
51. Hearing a family story I've never heard before
52. The Container Store
53. Kitty voices
54. Cook-outs
55. Storehouse Furniture
56. Watching J. play pool
57. Performing random acts of kindness
58. Fresh fruit in the summer
59. Hearing my dad say, "I love you, kid."
60. Re-reading emails and text messages from when J. and I were first together
61. Spending a few hours with all the memories packed away in my cedar chest
62. Daydreaming with J. about the house we will own someday
63. Siciliano's
64. Learning something new
65. Classical languages, especially Latin
66. Roller coasters
67. Driving through downtown Dallas every day on my way home - I love this city!
68. Godiva chocolates
69. Garden gnomes
70. Flowers
71. Beautiful graffiti
72. Dallas Museum of Art and Nasher Sculpture Center
73. Fireworks shows
74. Schnauzers
75. Jim Shore figurines
76. Photography
77. Watching sports: MLB baseball, NBA and college basketball, and college football
78. Magazine subscriptions
79. Northpark Center mall
80. Animal rescue groups and people who foster animals
81. Getting lots of groceries for a little money thanks to ad-watching and coupon-cutting
82. The first day of feeling better after being sick
83. Robert Fulghum
84. Bedtime snuggles with J.'s cat, Keke
85. Conspiracy theories
86. Doing touristy things in Dallas
87. Invisible Cats
88. Knowing that I can take care of myself (but that I don't always have to)
89. All things Rachael Ray
90. Random kitty craziness
91. Talking about books with other bibliophiles
92. Falling asleep next to J. every night and waking up next to him every morning
93. I Can Has Cheezburger
94. Shopping for scrapbooking supplies
95. A perfect cup of coffee
96. Plotting my revenge, and then being the bigger person
97. "Love Song" by Tesla
98. Perfectly-timed attitude adjustments from the universe
99. Hearing a song I really love on the radio
100. Counting my blessings

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