Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm Pretty Sure I've Lost My Mind

Now that I'm feeling better, I'm trying to tackle all the projects that have fallen by the wayside over the past few months. Of course, I also need to handle all the normal weekend stuff. I thought it might be interesting to document my Tahdo* list, just to see exactly how much stuff I'm going to (try to) do this weekend.

1. Get car inspected
2. CVS - allergy medicine (I have coupons)
3. Kroger - pick up prescriptions and fruit
4. Fill water jugs
5. Plan for Saturday's grocery shopping - take inventory at home and go through ads
6. Pack away books (they are in the way for cable appointment on Saturday)
7. Try on previously purchased bathing suit and decide if I'm going to keep it or exchange

1. Appointment with cable company
2. Grocery shop (Walmart - a necessary evil)
3. Pick up items being held at library
4. Pick up dry cleaning
5. PROJECT 1: Bedroom storage area
- Remove everything from storage area over bedroom
- Organize; determine if anything can be taken to storage
- Replace items being kept
- Break down boxes for recycling and take out
6. PROJECT 2: Closet (yes, we only have one)
- Remove all hanging items from closet
- Organize items on shelves and closet floor
- Determine if anything can be taken to storage
- Organize hanging items for summer and put back in closet
7. Download cds from library
8. Dinner with J.'s sister and her husband

1. Laundry (we have to go to a laundromat)
2. PROJECT 3: Kitchen
- Clean off top of refrigerator, top of kitchen cabinets, and shelves
- Arrange cookbooks on top of kitchen cabinets
- Organize and replace all items.
3. PROJECT 4: Recipes
- Finish typing recipes
- Print
- Place in binder
4. Return items to library
5. Take items to storage (if necessary)
6. Watch movie so it can be sent back to Netflix.

Wow...that's a really ambitious list, huh? Some might say it's downright crazy. But I know I *can* do it, and I know I will feel so good if I can get it all done. And the bonus will be no projects for the long Memorial Day weekend!

Of course...I'll have a whole week to come up with something else that needs to be done...


RoseAnn said...

I admire your craziness...I mean, ambition! LOL It does sound like a lot to tackle in one weekend. I'd be much more inclined to delay it for the long weekend myself.

I love any project that begins with "remove all items...". That clearly means you're serious!

Post photos of the finished results!

BTW: wv was "slogin"...sounds about right. ;)

Carol said...

I'm glad someone appreciates my craziness! I was serious about these projects, but the "remove all items" was out of necessity. Our apartment is very, very small, so the only way to organize an area is to take everything out and then put it back.

I may post photos this weekend, but it won't really look like much, since I don't have "before" photos. ;)