Friday, April 1, 2011

Opening Day

April through October is the best season of the year: baseball season.

No other sports happen - at least none that matter. In high school, I watched football (college and some NFL), basketball (college only), and NASCAR. I hated baseball; I thought it was boring.

Then, when I was 18, I watched Ken Burns' "Baseball." And I was hooked. I've been a New York Yankees fan since then. I love my Texas Rangers, too. I root for both teams, and when they play each other, I'm happy for whichever team wins. The only exception to that was the 2010 ALCS, when I rooted full-force for the Rangers. They deserved that win (and the World Series win as well).

Throughout the long, long season, I root for - and against - other teams.

Now that the 2011 baseball season has officially opened, I'm excited. So what makes a perfect day in baseball?

Yankees win.

Rangers win.

Red Sox lose.

Braves lose.

Cubs win.

Cardinals lose.

I love this game, and I love people (especially other women) who love this game. No matter which team is yours, I hope it will be a great season. Unless you're a Red Sox fan, in which case I wish you a 0-162 record.

Happy baseball season, friends.

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