Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm a Christmas Hero

I have to share my crazy Christmas story.

On Christmas morning, J. and I got up early and opened gifts. We had breakfast and played with the cats for a while, and then J. decided to take some things to our storage unit. It was around 9 am, and I was watching tv. Something outside the window caught my attention. There was a young man walking up the sidewalk to our neighbors' front door. I noticed him because their driveway is right under our living room window, and I knew they'd gone out of town the day before. I leaned forward so I could see the man better. He was very close to their front door, and seemed to be looking through the glass. After a moment, he walked back down the steps and up the sidewalk away from my house.

I debated for a few minutes, then called the police. I reported the incident as suspicious activity. About ten minutes later, I received a call from an officer. He said he was en route, and asked me to repeat what I'd told the 911 dispatcher. He arrived as I was describing what I saw, and he cut me off, saying, "You did good. There's a broken window in the back."

Within a few minutes, we had four patrol cars blocking our street in the front, and three blocking the alley. The young man was still inside the house when the police arrived. He surrendered immediately and was arrested. I gave a statement to the responding officer. About an hour after the last police car left, the owner of the house arrived and came over to hear all about it. J. had arrived home just after I called 911, so I was still trying to explain everything to him. He called his mom and aunt and told them I was a Christmas hero. And then on Monday, a detective called and I had to give a statement to him.

It's surreal - in a way, I'm tired of telling the story. Then again, I'm a little bit proud of myself, and it was exciting to be in the middle of something like that, and to be able to help my neighbor. The house was empty at the time of the break-in, so the only real cost to our neighbor will be replacing the broken window.

And I have an exciting story to tell for many Christmases to come!

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