Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Lately I have been overwhelmed by the blessings in my life. Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I thought I should take time to write these things down.

Four years ago, Thanksgiving was absolute hell. I was newly separated from my husband, and it was my first holiday alone. My life was spiraling out of control so fast I could almost see it happening. And it only got worse from there. I allowed myself to become involved in an extremely abusive relationship. I damaged my relationships with family and friends. I left a stable, well-paying job to move away from my hometown, where I was completely isolated. I got into legal trouble. My finances were in ruins, and at one point, I was days away from being homeless.

There were good times. I made friends in my new town. I got back in touch with a man I knew a lifetime ago, fell in love, and got married. But it was hard, and there were many times we both felt that we were never going to get out of the hole we were in. Coming home to Dallas was the fresh start that we needed (and desperately wanted). We made that happen in early April, thanks - again - to our families. Since then, we have faced challenges and hard times, but looking back over the last six months, it's amazing to see how steadily our lives have improved.

Today, I have a permanent job doing work I enjoy for a great boss. After a series of major hurdles, the husband is registered for spring classes at the local college. We have two sweet, funny cats (plus one baby we're fostering), and they provide us endless entertainment. My friends - the ones that count, anyway - are still here. In many ways, it's like we were never apart. Most importantly, I am happy. *WE* are happy. I know that things will never be perfect; there are still hard times in our future. But I survived the last four years, and I'm going to enjoy every moment of these happy times.

I heard something once, along the lines of: "If you always think about what's missing in your life, you'll never see all the things you have." I like that, and I believe it's especially appropriate to consider this time of year.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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