Friday, October 8, 2010

#2 - Suppose you could visit any place on earth before human history - what would you like to see, and why?

There are many, many places in human history I'd like to visit (Pompeii in 78 A.D., Tudor England, and 1967 San Francisco all come to mind), but this says "before human history." I didn't think I was going to be able to answer this, because before human history, there wasn't anything on earth to interest me. I'm an indoor kind of girl.

Then I gave the question a little more thought.

I want to be there at the beginning - for the spark, or the big bang, or the creation. Whatever it was, I want to see it.

I have a tenuous sort of spirituality. I believe in something greater than myself. Do I think that something is the Judeo-Christian idea of God? Eh, not so much. In some ways, what I believe is pretty simple: when I die, I will be called to answer for my choices - so I should make good choices. I should not hurt people. I should live by the Golden Rule. I should do my best.

But in any discussion of religion or spirituality that gets to this point, the next question is: what comes after? Heaven/Hell? Purgatory? Nothing?

Here's what I hope: when I'm gone, I want to see all the people I loved who went before me. I want to check on the people I've left behind and give them some kind of sign that I'm ok. And then I want to go for a walk in an orchard or vineyard with the "something greater than myself."

I don't generally like being outside, but I imagine in this place the temperature will be perfect and there will be no bugs or reptiles to worry about. I picture my companion as the traditional Jesus, but it's just an image - like when you imagine someone you've only spoken with on the phone or heard on the radio.

I want to walk with him and ask him all the questions I've had. Who really killed JFK? How would my life have played out if I had gone to Woodstock with John - would we still end up happily married? What actually goes on in a dog's mind when you talk to him?

I don't want to have the information all at once. I want to walk and talk, with no deadlines or reason to rush. I want to understand it all.

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