Thursday, July 9, 2009

Where does your secret door go...?

"Ever had a day so crazy you just wanted to stop the world and get off for awhile? When I have those days, I start imagining a door. It’s kind of like my front door, but there’s something much more interesting on the other side of it than my porch... So what we’d love to know is this: if you had a secret door you could escape through once in a while, where would it lead?"

~ Stolen from Ransom Riggs' blog on, 7-8-09

Now, gentle reader, you ask: where would I go? The answer depends on my mood at a given moment, but here are a few ideas:

~ Pompeii (yeah, I'll see the rest of Italy while I'm there)
~ Ireland
~ Black Hills of South Dakota (to see Crazy Horse)
~ DisneyWorld at Christmas
~ London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Cairo...all the great cities
~ Vegas
~ NYC / Cooperstown, NY
~ Boston, just so I can wear a Yankees jersey into Fenway :)
~ San Francisco / Alcatraz Island
~ Portland (mostly for Powell's Books)
~ Sandusky, OH - home of Cedar Point
~ Valencia, CA - there are some coasters at Magic Mountain that I missed the first time around!
~ a beautiful, quiet beach with a hammock in the shade (somewhere in Mexico, maybe?)
~ Mayan ruins - Chichen Itza, Mexico
~ Giza Necropolis / Alexandria (Egypt)
~ New Orleans - pre-Katrina
~ one of those ridiculously expensive couples resorts in the Caribbean (with my beloved, of course)
~ New Zealand / Australia
~ Greece
~ Jerusalem

And for when I don't want to hop on a plane? Here's what I'd like:

~ home, wherever that happens to be at the moment, to spend a whole, uninterrupted day with my beloved
~ that vineyard where I can have all my questions answered - but not for a long, long time

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